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1.1 Released!Posted by orgin at 20080822 13:26
Added file attachments and content page directories and fixed a few minor issues

Main changes

It is now possible to upload files and attach them to News items and Content pages. You need to be a moderator to attach files.

It is also possible to group content pages in sub directories. This makes it easier to separate content pages such as guides, menu items etc. You need to be a moderator to configure the sub directories.

Change log:

- Add ability to attach files to pages
- Add ability to attach files to news

- Add ability to group content pages in folders

- fix problem with locked threads and permissions
- add a space between news item synopsis and text

Update information:
The Page table has a new column: DirectoryID
A new table has been added: Directory
A set of new access labels has been added to settings/accesslabels
A set of new settings parameters has been added to settings/settings.php
Several new buttons has been added to images/buttons
.htaccess has a few new file upload options for attachments
Copy all *.php files from the root directory to your old install
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