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Step 1: Copy the contents of the archive to your intended web root
The webserver must have read and write permissions in the
following directories:

Also set read and write permissions on the example images
in images/forumicons or you won't be able to replace the
forum icons using the administration interface.

Step 2: Create a mysql account and database.

Step 3: Edit the following files:

You must create a directory outside the web path where
the webserver has read and write permissions. And then point
the $g_keyworddir parameter in settings.php to that directory.
Users won't be able to register if this isn't done.

If you want to use your own keywords then create a file called
"dictionary.txt" in the keyword directory containing space separated
words. A newline counts as a space.

Step 4: Edit settings/template_verificationmail.txt
Do not remove the $1,$2,$3,$4 tags or the users who register
won't receive the correct information

Step 5: Point your browser to http://yourwebsite/install/install.php

Step 6: If the webpage says "Database connection ok":
     Click "Create Tables".
     Click "Insert default data".
     Enter details for an admin user and click register.

Do not continue until all actions above pass without an error message.

Step 7: Remove the install directory.
If you do not then users can add their own administrator user or
wipe the entire database.

Step 8: Configure the forums
In the menu, under Admin, click Forums

Create the forum groups and forums you want to use

Upload an image for each forum (32*16 is recommended) if
you have set $g_forumicons to true in settings/settings.php.

Step 9: (Optional) If you want to create your own theme
The Snack theming method is intended to work in non CSS
capable browsers. Therefore it does not rely on style sheets
but instead on colors and images.

Creating your own theme involves editing the following files:


The default theme is set in settings/settings.php

You can copy the default theme_red.php file to get started.

theme.php contains logic to include the available theme files
into the system. You need to add your theme file as an include
in this file.

theme_<name>.php (replace <name> with the name of your theme.)
contains definitions of all colors used in the theme. It is
important that the "name" variable is set to the correct name.

styles.css contains some global style definitions. These are not
individual to each theme. The definitions make the site look a bit
better on CSS capable browsers but does nothing more.

You can also define themed images by replicating the following
directories into your themes' image directory:

images/buttons/ - all image buttons used on the site
images/forum/ - forum related images
images/message/ - message related images

the theme image directory is located in:


The site logo must be placed in the following directory:


Step 10: (Optional) If you want to add a donation button to your site
Create a file settings/donate.html and fill it with the
needed HTML for creating your donation link
Snack! forum website engine, Created in 2008 by Björn Hagström